Mormon Persecution Complex

Mormon humorist and eminent theologian Robert Kirby discusses the Mormon obsession with being persecuted.  In a recent column in the SLTrib (6 Apr 2012), he states:

. . . I’m hearing fellow Mormons speculate that Mitt Romney’s bid for the presidency could result in a major social backlash against the church.  We might be persecuted again.

For proof that demonic forces are stirring agin, they point to an increase in mean-spirited comments about Mormons in newspapers, online anti-Mormon diatribes and people who say they’d sooner vote for a Martian than a Mormon.

Many Mormons, for some reason (perhaps historical), continue to exhibit signs of a persecution complex.  We may have been persecuted in the distant past, but we are not, and I repeat, NOT being persecuted today.  Elder Dallin Oaks et al. are incorrect.

Saint Sebastian: Now This is Persecution!

Kirby goes on,

Real persecution involves real suffering, not just a difference of opinion about what you believe and how you believe it.  If you’re being shot at and hunted with dogs because of your faith, that’s persecution. . .

A persecution complex is dangerous.  It’s almost always the precursor to becoming the persecutor.  If you believe in a loving God, that’s the part that should scare you the most.

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