Noteworthy Mormon Stuff

An article in the City Guide 2012 (a publication of City Weekly) by Kathleen Curry and Geoff Griffin titled “Mormon stuff that doesn’t suck:  just because it’s a Mormon idea doesn’t mean it’s lame” lists 5 noteworthy Mormon things.  One of these is the Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center:

Religions are at their best when they lay off the rule-making and focus on helping their fellow man.  To that end, the Latter-day Saint Humanitarian Center annually sends about 12 million pounds of shoes and clothing, 1 million hygiene kits and 1 million pounds of medical supplies to more than 100 countries.  Additionally, the center typically employs about 100 people, many of them immigrants and refugees getting their first work experience in America while receiving training to enter the general workforce.

Anyone, LDS or otherwise, who wants to help out can donate or the Humanitarian Aid Fund or donate supplies for aid kits.  The center’s Website also has suggestions about what people can do to assist the needy in their communities.  1655 S. Bennett Road (2030 West), 801-240-5954,

On a similar note, according the sltrib (26 Jan 2012):

The LDS Church opened the doors Thursday to its new 570,000-square-foot Bishops’ Central Storehouse in west Salt Lake City.

Inside the New LDS Bishops’ Storehouse in Salt Lake City

The new storehouse, which sits on a nearly 36-acre site at 5405 W. 300 South, will include adminstrative offices, bulk/rack storage and refrigeration areas.  It also will house support facilities for the church’s trucking fleet.

The idea of a bishops’ storehouse began in the 19th century, when many Mormons shared their excess goods with other members.  Today, these storehouses are established across the globe to distribute food and other commodities to the poor and needy. . .

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  1. Me gusta y me parece que una manera de apoyar, es publicando entre nuestras amistades y familiares las obras de la Iglesia.-

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