“No Weapon Shall Prosper,” the Book

According to Peggy Fletcher Stack writing in the sltrib (1 Feb 2012):

Late last year, the [LDS] Church’s publishing arm, Deseret Book, put out No Weapon Shall Prosper:  New Light on Sensative Issues to address some of the hot-button issues of Mormon history and doctrine, offering members ways to answer critics.

While Mormons should not be “consumed with provocative materials critical of the [LDS] Church, the day for ignoring such matters is long past,” editor Robert Millet wrote in the book’s introduction.  “The Internet is filled with thousands of pages of anti-Mormon polemic, and it is extremely difficult for people to receive an honest and fair appraisal of Mormonism without significant effort on their part.”

Chapters are written by various authors–most of them professors at church-owned Brigham Young Univeristy–and tackle tough topics, including the Mormon view of God; the differing accounts of the founder’s Joseph Smith’s “First Vision”; Smith’s money-digging activities and plural marriage to teenage girls; the lengthy quoting of biblical passages in the Book of Mormon; and new questions surrounding the faith’s signature scripture from DNA analysis.

The contributors stress that there are sound answers to these sticky questions.

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