Mormonism’s Relationship to Christianity

There was an interesting letter to the editor in the sltrib (2 Feb 2012) penned by Dave Cassity:

Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention argues that –[by adding] the Book of Mormon — Mormonism [is] a fourth Abrahamic religious tradition:  as Christianity is to Judaism, Mormonism is to Christianity.

[Arguing that Mormonism is an extention of Christianity is] right for the short term, but Land may be correct in the long run.  Consider that the earliest Christians in the first century considered themselves Jews — Jews with a better understanding of the Messiah; Jews who were “more Jewish.”

Mormonism is still a young religion; only time will tell what it will become.

Lincoln Cannon, President and Director of the Mormon Transhumanist Association, feels that Mormonism modifies Christianity “to such an extent that characterizing Mormonism as a mere extension of other modern Christian ideologies is inaccurate.  Mormonism is to modern Christianity as ancient Christianity was to Judaism.

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