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The Inequities with Tithing

According to Sam Brunson writing for Times and Seasons (18 Jan 2012): ABC broke the news:  Mitt Romney has donated millions of dollars worth of stock to the Mormon church. SEC filings disclose that a Bain partner donated $1.9 million of … Continue reading

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Are Mormons Henotheists?

In the OrthodoxWiki entry on “Theosis,” the author makes the following statement:  “The Mormons are clear promoters of henotheism, and the Church Fathers have absolutely no communality with their view.” The entry in Wikipedia on “Henotheism,” in part, reads:  “Henotheism is the … Continue reading

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Statue of Responsibility

One of the main subjects of this blog has been monumental, outdoor works of art.  So far, I’ve only written about existing works.  But this entry deals with a proposed work:  the Statue of Responsibility.  According to the project website: The Statue … Continue reading

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Theosis: Mormonism vs Eastern Orthodoxy

From what I’ve been able to read on the Internet, theosis or “union with God” is an important belief in Eastern Orthodoxy.  However, the Orthodox definition of theosis differs from the Mormon concept.  For the Orthodox, theosis, while difficult to describe … Continue reading

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Theosis: Mormons vs Evangelicals

According to Daniel Burke writing for the Religion News Service and published in the SLTrib (5 Jan 2012): [Joseph] Smith preached fairly orthodox Christian theology at first, but “became increasingly radical, breaking more and more from standard Christianity with every year that … Continue reading

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Transhumanism, Immortality, and Prolonging Human Lives

Stefan Lorenz Sorgner makes the following statements about Transhumanist and Immortality: Transhumanists . . . aspire for a type of immortality, though, in most cases, this is not literal immortality but rather a long life or a prolonging of human … Continue reading

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Undersea Sculptures in Cancun, Mexico

I have an interest in outdoor environmental and/or monumental art.  For this reason, I was particularly interested in the following short article (written by the artist Jason deCaires Taylor) that appeared in NG (Jan 2012): Submerged in transparent ocean waters [near … Continue reading

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