Statue of Responsibility

One of the main subjects of this blog has been monumental, outdoor works of art.  So far, I’ve only written about existing works.  But this entry deals with a proposed work:  the Statue of Responsibility.

The Proposed "Statue of Responsibility"

 According to the project website:

The Statue of Liberty has served as a symbol of liberty, both in America and throughout the world.  Its counterpart, the Statue of Responsibility, will likewise serve as a symbol–a visible representation and call to responsibility–both in America and abroad.  These two principles–liberty and responsibility–when linked together, will help engender and secure freedom for the present generation , and for generations yet unborn, wherever a thirst for freedom exists.  Only by balancing Liberty with Responsibility can Feedom be sustained.

The gigantic statue is to be constructed on the West Coast (like a bookend to the Statue of Liberty with the American heartland in between), somewhere near San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle.

Standing Side-by-Side

The Statue of Responsibility, design by Utah artist Gary Price, consists of two interlocking arms.  Contribute toward its construction if you feel so inclined.  Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, the foundation behind the project has been intensely focused on trying to bring the project to fruition.

If you are interested in existing monumental works of art, click on “monumental” on the right.

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2 Responses to Statue of Responsibility

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  2. Phil Maguire says:

    What a great idea!

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