“The Descendants,” A Movie Review

The movie “The Descendants,” starring George Clooney, received generally favorable reviews (90 percent approval rating on rottentomatoes.com with one critic calling it a “masterpiece”).  I’m not sure why.  It is heavily flawed for several reasons:

Is George Hiding from this Movie?

  • The movie is a comedy-drama with an Hawaiian subplot, but where are the Hawaiians?  Have they all moved out?  The only ones I can remember seeing in the movie are:  a mother and daughter in an early short scene and an Hawaiian trio performing in a bar.  (It also has Hawaiian music.)  This is like going to Africa and ignoring the Africans.  Is the world really this Caucasian centric?
  • The movie has an environmental back plot.  The movie stars George Clooney.  Any idea how the environmental issue will be resolved at the end of the movie?
  • To add interest, “The Desdendants” has an insensative boyfriend who follows the main characters around.  He stays around way too long, before happily disappearing at the end of the movie.
  • The family dynamics in this movie are ridiculous.  The kids go from bratty and spoiled, to understanding and caring in a couple of weeks.  Granted they have to deal with a lot in a short time, but really.

Recommendation: Skip it in the theaters, but rent if it you like George.

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One Response to “The Descendants,” A Movie Review

  1. susan says:

    I tend to agree with you, Roger. I had high hopes for this movie, and I was unfortunately very disappointed. Although parts of the movie were extremely painful (watching someone die a slow death in a coma), a lot of the movie was just plain silly. The back and forth of emotions amongst family members was unrealistic. Thumbs down.

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