Occupy Wall Street: Is it Really Leaderless?

Van Jones is a past radical who joined the Obama adminstration for a short period of time early in the President’s administration.  According to Time magazine:

. . . Van Jones (is) a Tennessee-born activist who just two years earlier had resigned his post in overseeing green-jobs programs in the Obama Administration amid a growing scandal over his radical past.  Jones is now back in the spotlight, leading the fight to get progressive groups to support the Occupy Wall Street protests.

. . . There isn’t another leader who can pull people like that together,” says Robert Borosage, a director of the Campaign for America’s Future.

Robert (Bob) L. Borosage, Liberal Washington Power Broker

Borosage is a big-time Washington DC organizer (and lobbyist?) for liberal causes.  (I think I went to High School with Bob in East Lansing, Michigan.  Back then he had more hair and no mustache.)  In 2008, Jones wrote a book titled The Green Collar Economy, which earned praise for laying out a vision of envrionmental change that would lead to new jobs in the inner city insulating homes and installing solar panels.

Van Jones in Front of Solar Array Installation Work

According to Jones, if liberals want change, they need a grass-roots movement of their own.  It needs to be organized around a set of ideals, not just any particular leader:

We don’t want leader-centric movements,

We want leader-full movements.

I’m not big on slogans, I wondered what a “leader-full movement” is?  According to one website:

Each person is waiting for nobody to tell [him or] her what to do. Rather, each is leading his own piece of the movement, and trusting that all the other pieces are handled by others, equal in their brand of leadership.

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