Another Idea for Family Home Evening

According to Fareed Zakaria writing in Time magazine (14 Nov 2011):

Sal Khan accidently created what might well be a new way of teaching.  Seven years ago, the MIT graduate was helping his cousin, who lived across the US, with her math homework.  When scheduling got difficult, a friend suggested he put the diagrams and equations he had drawn on YouTube so she could access them.  Five years later, Khan has produced 3,000 videos teaching mostly math and science that have been viewed 80 million times!

Sal Kahn of Kahn Academy

The reason that I am so taken by the Khan Academy–other than that I have used its videos with my 12-year-old son–is that it is a quintesssentially American innovation, a new way of thinking about education.

The videos can be seen at or at

Logo for Kahn Academy

Kahn’s science videos would be great for Family Home Evenings and they are free.  I also wonder about their utility in Developing Countries.

For more ideas for Family Home Evenings see:

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