Grey Crowned Crane

The Grey Crowned Crane is the national bird of Uganda.  A cartoon version of the crane appears on the Ugandan national flag.

A Pair of Grey Crowned Cranes

National Flag of Uganda

During my frequent visits to Uganda, I have seen several of pairs.  According to a Canon ad in NG (Oct 2011): 

Living history.  The grey crowned crane is one of the most ancient living members of the crane family, with primitive species dating back in fossil records to the Eocene period.  It is also one of only two cranes able to perch in trees, thanks to its unusually well-developed hind toes.  Monogamous couples work together to build circular nests and take turns incubating their eggs for as long as 31 days.  But the future of these venerable birds is in doubt as they face habitat loss–primarily due to conversion for agriculture, heavy use of pesticides and changes in water management–and live trapping for trade.

Habitat Area of the Grey Crowned Crane

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