Is “Dexter” Finding Religion?

I love the Showtime hit drama “Dexter.”  The trials of America’s favorite serial killer are very intoxicating to watch.  The language is rough, the violence is mostly implied, and the sex and nudity by today’s standards are fairly tame.

Dexter Morgan, a Religious Serial Killer?

The trouble is I don’t have cable so the only way I can watch it is on DVD.  And, of course, the local Blockbuster under orders their number of “Dexter” DVDs available.  (I don’t know how they stay in business.)  For the first 6 months after the series is released to DVD, it is almost impossible to rent.  I’ve yet to watch the last 4 episodes of season 5 because I haven’t been able to find a copy on Blockbuster’s shelves.  I’ve complained to the sales’ clerk, but it does no good.  Life is a struggle.

For me, what I have seen of season 5, has been incredible.  The quality of series has not tapered off at all.  For those of you who are a little crazy, it is a must watch. 

Apparently this year (season six), “Dexter” is getting religion.  According to Piet Levy writing for the Religion News Service:

That whole “Thou shalt not kill” part of the Ten Commandments seems pretty clear–except maybe to Dexter Morgan, the beloved serial killer protagonist in Showtime’s hit drama, “Dexter.”

Dexter lives by his own commandment–the “Code of Harry,” bequeathed by his father to help his sociopathic son survive–by ridding the world of killers before they can harm anyone else.

But for the series’ sixth season, which begins Oct 2, the unbelieving Dexter appears ready to find religion.

Forever wrestling with his inner demons, the new season finds Dexter exploring issues of faith and spiritual conviction as he tries to enroll his son in a Catholic preschool and squares off against two men who are killing in the name of God.

For more of my thoughts about “Dexter” do a search on “Dexter.”

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