Water and Energy Modules for Navajo Outposts

On August 12th, I was given a tour of a solar-powered water and energy supply module designed to provide modern amenities for Navajos living in isolated locales in the Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.  The demonstration unit was designed and installed by IINA Solutions/Plateau Solar Project of Scottsdale AZ adjacent to a Navajo hogan located near Leupps AZ.

Rectangular Water and Energy Module Designed by IINA Solutions

At one end of the unit is a bathroom with a shower, sink, and composting toilet.  At the other end of the building, taking up the majority of space, is the utility area containing the inverter, batteries, regulator, water storage tank, and hot water tank.  Off to the side of the building are the solar panels for generating electricity.  On the roof are the solar arrays for heating water, and on the side of the module are panels for heating air.

The Solar Array for Generating Electricity

This rectangular module is designed to provide heat, water, hot water, and electricity to the adjacent Navajo hogan.  There is no water in the area, so water still has to be hauled in.  But with the modular unit, the occupants of hogan no longer need their outhouse.  One thing that is missing from the modular unit is any form of water treatment.  A water reuse system might also be valuable.

Unfortunately the hogan is partially constructed of railroad ties, and is considered unlivable.  IINA Solutions has plans to construct a new hogan which will attach directly to the modular unit.

The Door Behind the Hogan Opens to the Utility Area of the Modular Unit

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One Response to Water and Energy Modules for Navajo Outposts

  1. Allen says:

    Very interesting. I wonder what the reaction of the Navajos is to this.

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