Kirby and the Biblical Creation Story

The following is a couple of paragraphs from a Robert Kirby column (SLTrib 22 Sep 2011):

Call me a skeptic, but today I don’t accept much of the biblical stuff about the creation of the Earth and human beings. Not as literal fact, anyway.

I believe there’s a lot more to the story than what we find in Genesis, and what is there had to be significantly dumbed down for human consumption.

For example, Genesis 2:21 says God knocked Adam unconscious, yanked a rib out of him, sewed him up, then used the rib to construct some whole other gender.

You’d have to be more than a bit gullible to believe it happened exactly like that. There’s simply not enough genetic material in a guy’s rib to create a creature that looks smoking in a miniskirt.

The same thing goes for the forbidden fruit and a snake beguiling a woman into eating it. I always thought this story made Eve sound rather simpleminded.

And he continues:

Most faiths have their own ancient versions of creation. There’s a tribe (Bantu) in Africa that believes its god was overcome by stomach cramps and barfed up the sun, the moon, a big turtle and, eventually, human beings.

This, of course, would never be accepted as an accurate story of creation by vastly more “enlightened” Christians. We know that it all happened because God blew in some guy’s nose.

Seriously, if you want to know how strange the origins of your own faith sound, try getting your head around someone else’s for a minute.

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