Deseret News, Get a Life (or at Least a New Managing Editor)

Sean Means of the SLTrib in a recent blog post states:

Readers of both the SLTrib and D-News got something extra in Friday’s paper: A “Rivalry Week” copy of the University of Utah’s student paper, The Daily Chronicle.

In a “Letter to Our Readers” published Saturday, D-News editors wrote that the Chrony was “mistakenly inserted” into the D-News.  “The content of the Chrony insert fell far below D-News editorial standards,” the letter said, calling the content “uncivil and sophomoric.”

There seems to be some disagreement about whether the Chrony should have been inserted into the D-News.  The Chrony, in their own “Letter to Our Readers,” argued there was no mistake.  But Media One, the organization responsible for inserting the Chrony into the D-News, fell on the sword, and admitted they had made a mistake.  However, the issue is still in dispute.

But frankly, who cares.  The issue with me is the overreaction by the D-News.  If they want to apologize for the insert that’s fine (unnecessary, but fine).  However, to descend into name calling, is unworthy of a paper controlled by the LDS Church.  The D-News is in no position to be throwing stones at anyone about the quality of their articles.  Their newspaper is rapidly becoming irrelevant, but it is still viewed as a mouthpiece of the LDS Church.

It is certainly acceptable in a student newspaper to parody or poke fun at a rival university, particularly before a major athletic event.  When did Mormons lose their sense of humor?  Maybe we never had one.  Maybe we enjoy our persecution complex too much.

“The Book of Mormon” musical is showing to rave reviews and standing ovations on Broadway, and will soon be touring.  Two viable candidates for the Republican nomination for president are Mormon.  We better start developing a sense of humor.  We better stop overreacting to every little barb that is sent our way.

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