Mormon Apologists, Please Stop

Joanna Brooks wrote a column titled “Five Myths About Mormonism” for The Washington Post (19 Aug 2011).  The 5 myths are:

  • Mormons practice polygamy.
  • Mormons aren’t Christian.
  • Most Mormons are white, English-speaking conservatives.
  • Mormon women are second-class citizens.
  • A Mormon president would blur the line between church and state.

As for points 1 and 2, Joanna is beating a dead horse . . . what’s the point?  As for points 3 and 4, by the author’s own admission they are true.  So they are not myths or “misunderstandings”!  As for point 5, all you need to do is look at Utah’s internal politics and the “Prop-8” campaign, and the public has a right to be concerned.

Getting back to points 3 and 4, the leadership of the church is almost unanimously white and male.  And to boot, it is a geriatric group.  You get to upper management by living a long time.  So it will be a long wait before the church has anything that looks like a rainbow coalition in its leadership.

Mormon Apostles (2008)

It’s time to quit with the apologetics.  Robert Kirby (SLTrib 19 Aug 2011) is right when he states:

No group, faith, family, creed, race, or club will ever be able to completely silence its critics. The only recourse is to live in such a way that we don’t reinforce what the ignorant or intolerant are eager to believe.

All Joanna and her ilk are doing is reenforcing stereotypes and making the situtation worse.  For example, she is highlighting our polygamist past instead of dealing with issues that really matter in today’s world.  The apologists are letting the critics determine our agenda.  And that is inane.

Joanna’s article as reprinted in the SLTrib at:

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5 Responses to Mormon Apologists, Please Stop

  1. Roger, I think there are plenty of different kinds of apologetics. Joanna is doing a great job of helping non-Mormons to understand Mormonism better and helping Mormons to be more aware of the wider world. You need to be better tuned into the bloggernacle to be able to accurately discern the difference between her brand of apologetics and the likes of FARMS. I think you’re attacking the wrong target here. Listen to some of her contributions to Mormon Stories and I think you’ll get a better idea of who she is and where she’s coming from. I think you’ll like what you hear.

  2. Also, you should at least link to the column you’re critiquing so that people can read it for themselves.

  3. Great. FYI a more web-savvy way of including the link would be to make the words “a column” in your first sentence be a link to the actual article, rather than posting it at the bottom.

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