A Mormon Mission to Africa

Today, the following–authored by “jeanikins”–appeared as a comment on one of my earlier blog pieces.  She is responding to Michael Otterson’s allegation that the LDS Church is doing a lot for Africans:

What exactly IS the LDS Church doing for Africa? What do they have to brag about?

What is the mandate of Christianity? I think it is loving our neighbor as ourselves. Does Michael Otterson live in a tin and cardboard shack?

Does he belong to an extremely wealthy Church?

How much of the money that the Church owns go to help Africa; come on, give me a break?

I served a mission in Africa and wrote emails to the Area Office requesting help for our faithful members; not hand outs but a hand up. While the church is asking them to pay tithes and offerings on their meager pay if they happen to have any at all, I was asking the Church for gardening tools, hoses, fences and seeds. I had knowledge of gardening; I was willing to work and help but neither the money nor implements arrived to give those people what they needed most of all – FOOD and a roof that didn’t leak.

When people live in the ‘lap of poverty’ and in the midst of an AIDS pandemic they need more than a copy of the Book of Mormon. They have discovered however, that the books provide great toilet paper.

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