Opinions About My Opinions

In a previous blog entry, I stated that I will not be voting for Mitt Romney (https://rogerdhansen.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/why-i-wont-vote-for-mitt-romney/).  My excuse:  “America needs a stateman, not a politician.”  I then implied that Mitt is not acting like a stateman.  When I wrote the piece, I was thinking of the traditional definition of the two words:  “a stateman does what is best for the country and a politician does what’s best for him or her.”  Additionally, a politician is one who panders excessively.

Commenting in the SLTrib (13 Aug 2011), Gary Leavitt gave alternative definitions:  “A stateman is one who supports your point of view and a politician is one who does not.”  Even though Gary wasn’t commenting on my particular blog, his point is well taken.

On another blog entry (http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/hansen20110726), I asserted that traditional religious institutions may soon be obsolete.  I then took several shots at conservative Christian organizations.  One comment by “Abraham” on my opinion piece was:

It’s just that their usually conservative leanings lead them in . . . the opposite direction as the author of this post.  And that’s what the real plaint this author has.

I plead partially guilty.

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