Imagine God as a Car

According to infamous LDS theologian Robert Kirby in an article published 12 Aug 2011 (a reprint of an earlier column):

Imagine for a moment that God is a car. Yes, I know, for some of you God is more like an airplane or a boat or a spaceship or even a ham sandwich. But hang with me for a minute, OK?

If we can equate God to a brand-new car, and our faith in him as a desire to go for an amazing ride, then religion seems to be the part where we squabble over the hubcaps.

Church is still important. I sit. I listen. I try not to be bored.

The punchline to the article revolves around Kirby getting out of bed early to help a neighbor reshingle his roof:

Mostly, though, church is where I go to find out how to get on someone else’s roof.

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