Why I Won’t Be Voting for Mitt Romney

Yesterday, August 11th, I received a form letter from “Mitt Romney for President, Inc.”  The letter invoked the memory of Mitt’s father, George:

My father never graduated from college [he was born in the Mormon colonies in Mexico].  He apprenticed as a lath and plaster carpenter.  Dad always believed in America; and that in America a lath anad plaster man could work his way up to running a car company called American Motors and end up a three-term Governor.

I spent my junior-high and high-school years in East Lansing, Michigan.  George Romney was our LDS Stake President and eventually the Governor of Michigan.  He was well liked and was a middle-of-the-road (centrist) Republican.

At Stake Conference, I heard on numerous occasions how he had resurrected American Motors.  George loved to tell the story, and apparently we didn’t mind repeatedly hearing how as CEO he had championed a line of innovative compact cars. 

When George first ran for governor in 1962, I volunteered to do campaign work on his behalf (extremely trivial tasks).  That year the big issue in the State was the economy.  “I know that we are faced with a serious unemployment situation now, and a bigger one in the future,” George stated.  “I’ve saved jobs and I’ve created jobs.  If elected governor, I know I can do something about bringing more jobs to Michigan.”

When George made his abortive run for President, I was for him all the way.  The senior Romney would have made a great president.  On his campaign literature I never saw the word Republican.  That was to appeal to Democrats and independents, and also to distance himself from a GOP that he felt was becoming too extreme (this was the Barry-Goldwater era).  Unfortunately the press ended George’s Presidential hopes by crucifying him over a statement he made concerning the Viet Nam war.  (As it turned out, George was right.)

That is why I’m disappointed to say that I find his son to be so unappealing.  America needs a statesman, not a politician.  By all accounts, Mitt worshipped his father.  And deep down, his personal political beliefs must echo those of his father.  From his record as Governor of Massachusetts, that would appear to be the case.  So what the hell happened? 

I suspect that he is selling out to the right-wing of the Republican party in order to get the nomination.  If that is true, how will he move back to the middle if he gets the nomination?  Without moving toward the middle, he cannot be elected President of the United States.

His Father's Man?

No Mitt, I will not be voting for you!

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2 Responses to Why I Won’t Be Voting for Mitt Romney

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  2. rogerdhansen says:

    The following was written by Sean Means for the SLTrib (18 Aug 2011):

    “If Mitt Romney fails to win the White House, it likely will be because of five words: ‘Corporations are people, my friend.’

    Romney uttered those now-infamous words while campaigning Aug 11 at the Iowa State Fair. He was engaging with some hecklers about his unwillingness to raise taxes on people. When the hecklers yelled back that corporations should be taxed more, that’s when Romney said the words that reverberated around the Internet.

    Romney’s GOP rival Ron Paul responded that ‘people are individuals, they’re not groups and they’re not companies.’ Meanwhile, jokes abounded on Twitter, a thousand sarcastic question about whether corporations could marry in Massachusetts or whether Soylent Green is a corporation (following the logic that if corporations are people, and Soylent Green is people, ergo . . . ).

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