Rainwater Harvesting near Masaka, Uganda

At a large Catholic primary school located in a rural area outside of Masaka, Uganda, there is a large rainwater harvesting system which was constructed by a Danish group.

Rainwater Harvesting System near Masaka, Uganda

The system includes fifteen 10,000 liter (2,500 gallon) tanks.

Fifteen 10,000 Liter Tanks Store the Rainwater

The tanks are all interconnected.  At one end of the building, water from the harvesting roof runs into the tanks.  At the other end, rainwater from nearby buildings is collected.  Water from the system provides the majority of the water supply for the entire school.  In the photograph below, water is being used for washing clothes.

A Washing Area is Provided next to the Storage Tanks

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2 Responses to Rainwater Harvesting near Masaka, Uganda

  1. We can go for a cheap and best system like ferro-cement tank in the ground. We can save money and space.

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