Can Mormons Handle a Mormon President?

In a recent handicapping (in Time magazine) of candidates for the Republican nomination for President, Mitt Romney finished first (50 percent chance) and Jon Huntsman Jr. second (22 percent).  So according to one pundit, there is a 72 percent chance that the Republicans will nominate a Mormon.

Richard Otterson, head of the LDS PR department, is currently trying to counter non-Mormon concerns about Mormon candidates.  But maybe the real issue is:  Can Mormons handle all the publicity they are getting and will continue to get if the Republicans chose a Mormon as their candidate for President?  And what if he is elected?

Apparently there is currently a controversy over Newsweek’s “Mormon Moment” cover which features Mitt Romney’s head photoshopped onto a leaping LDS missionary from “The Book of Mormon” musical.  McKay Coppins–a Newsweek staffer (who worked on the cover story), active Mormon, and former writer for the Desert News and Mormon Times–has had to answer questions from Mormons concerning the appropriateness of the cover.

According to Coppins, “Those Mormons who are deeply offended by Newsweek’s cover image/story probably aren’t ready themselves for a Mormon president.  This ain’t nothing compared to some of the vitriol the LDS Church will face if Romney/Huntsman actually is elected.”

Maybe another article in the Ensign about how to handle satire, mocking, and criticism (both real and imaginary) is in order.

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