Evolution Revolution

A UofU anthropologist has written a new book explaining and supporting Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection.  His book, The Evidence for Evolution, was released this month by the University of Chicago Press.  Acccording to the author Alan Rogers, “we have 150 years of evidence, all of which supports [Darwin’s] theory.  My book tells the story of these discoveries.”

One Man's Version of the Evolution Revolution

According to Brian Maffly writing in the SLTrib (8 Jun 2011):

Rogers has taught about human evolution for years, but he didn’t get into the evidence that evolution had actually happened.  That changed in 2006 when he learned of a poll that found only half of Americans believed human evolved.

“It didn’t make much sense to teach students about the intricacies of evolution if they don’t believe that evolution happens in the first place,” Roger said.  “So, I decided that my introductory classes henceforth were going to have a week or two on the evidence for evolution . . .”

Evolution is more than a theory, and Mormons need to deal with this reality.  There is little scientific controversy over evolution, mostly a political and religious one.

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