Margaret Atwood’s Creation Story

A fictional leader of a gardening sect in Margaret Atwood’s futuristic novel The Year of the Flood hits many of my peresonal beliefs about the creation right on the head:

The Human Words of God speak of the Creation in terms that could be understood by the men of old.  There is no talk of galaxies or genes, for such terms would have confused them greatly!  But must we therefore take as scientific fact the story that the world was created in six days, thus making nonsense of observable data?  God cannot be held to the narrowness of literal and materialistic interpretations, nor measured by Human measurements, for his days are eons, and a thousand ages of our time are like an evening to Him.  Unlike some other religions, we have never felt it served a higher purpose to lie to children about geology.

. . . surely the Creation is ongoing, for are not new stars being formed at every moment?  God’s days are not consecutive; they run concurrently, the first with the third, the fourth with the sixth.

What happens next (on the 6th day of Creation)?  God brings the Animals before Man, “to see what he would call them.”  But why didn’t God already know what names Adam would choose?  The answer can only be that God has given Adam free will . . .  The time of the Naming is not over, my Friends.  In His sight, we may still be living in the sixth day.

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One Response to Margaret Atwood’s Creation Story

  1. Christopher Bradford says:

    In my opinion, the LDS temple ceremony implies that we are now in the sixth day of creation.

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