An Interesting Birthday

I recently spent my 66th birthday in southern Utah.  I spent the day observing designbuildBluff move a double-wide modular home from Bluff to a Navajo community near Blanding.  It was a very interesting day (I will write about it in a separate blog entry).  That evening, a friend and I stopped at the Twin Rocks Restaurant in Bluff for dinner.  The place was packed with tourists.  But the owner was able to find us a seat.  Eventually most of the crowd left.

After we had finished eating, the owner came over and asked us if we wanted some dessert.  We declined, but I asked him if he would sing Happy Birthday to me.  He said he couldn’t; he has a bad voice.  But a group of 12 seniors sitting near us gratiously offered to sing.  I accepted.  After a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday (where I filled in the name), we all had a good laugh.

The next morning, we had breakfast at the same restaurant.  After we had sat down, somebody said “Good Morning Roger.”  I looked around, not immediately recognizing anyone.  Finally, I realized that near us were four people from the group that had sung “Happy Birthday” to me the night before.  I said “Oh, hi” back.  As it turned out, the group was from Scottsdale AZ and they had been rafting on the San Juan River the day before.

Before the foursome left the restaurant, one of the ladies came over and shook my hand.  Life is good.

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One Response to An Interesting Birthday

  1. Lincoln Cannon says:

    Happy birthday, Roger. 🙂

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