Upheaval in Uganda

According to Time magazine (20 May 2011):

Arab Spring Goes South (Uganda):  Following the upheaval in the Maghreb, the first glimmers of Arab Spring-style protests stirred in sub-Saharan Africa.  More than three weeks of demonstrations against the government of Yoweri Museveni have led to at least eight people being killed and more than 250 injured.  The brutal beating of opposition figure Kizza Besigye transformed what were meant to be marches against rising food and fuel prices into a full-fledged challenge of Museveni’s regime, in power since 1986.  The government banned demonstrations, but the activists say they will continue their protests.

According to Time magazine in a short article by Ishaan Tharoor (23 May 2011)

5/10/11 Kampala:  We’re used to protest movements that come in colors–the yellow of people power in the Philippines, Ukraine’s orange, the green of Iran’s brutalized democrats.  We’re less accustomed to seeing protests quashed with color.  But in Uganda, security forces sprayed opposition leaders and activists with a vivid pink dye–a mark intended both to humiliate dissidents and make it easier for police to nab them.  It’s a tactic once deployed by South Africa’s apartheid state, except in that case the hue of choice was purple.  Weeks of disturbances in the Ugandan capital over soaring food prices and the perceived corruption of the ruling regime seem to mirror the uprisings in the Arab world.  With dozens dead or injured, the real color of protest is not pink but blood red.

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