Plastic Bottle Homes

Waste plastic bottles can be used for home construction.  A sand- or mud-filled bottle is as strong as a brick.  And a home that can be built with a brick, can be built with a bottle.  Plus there are a lot of advantages to using plastic bottles:

  • Low cost
  • Not brittle like bricks
  • Bio climatic
  • Easy to build
  • Green construction

    Plastic Bottle Home in Honduras (Constructed by Eco-Tec)

One person commented:  “This is crazy, yes I agree with the green factor of production; but how much time and labor is used in packing the bottles.”

Responding to this concern, another wrote:  “It might be crazy for a first world economy, but I think in other places, it can make sense.  I lived for a few years in rural Mexico, and the people there have more time and energy than they have money.”

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