There are increasing number “trans-” words being fabricated these days, and here is a new one.  According to Chris Root, executive director of the Aperture Foundation, writing an obit for photojournalist Tim Hetherington in Time magazine (9 May 2011):

Tim was a gifted storyteller, but he also pioneered how he got his work out into the world, using photos, video and commentary disseminated simultaneously via print media, cinema, books, art installations and social networks.  “Transjournalism,” he called it.  I thought he was reinventing the language of photojournalism and beginning the period of his best work. . .”

Tim died at the age of 40 covering the Libyan uprising in the city Misratah on April 20th.

With the problems that traditional journalism is having these days (and will continue to have in the future), concepts like transjournalism are going to be of critical import.

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