Utah’s Tribute to the “Golden Ratio”

Earlier this month, a friend and I were driving back to Provo by way of Green River UT.  Near the western I-70 exit at Green River, in a prominent location, is a 4-story high stack of giant blocks.  My first reaction was “What the hell is that?”  I did notice that two teenagers were making-out at the foot structure.

"Golden Ratio" Sculpture at Green River UT

But I quickly forgot about the episode until I saw a photograph of it on the back of High Country News.  The caption identified the block structure as a sculptural tribute to the “golden ratio” and the “Fibonacci sequence.”

The "Golden Ratio" of Art and Math Fame

Looking at photographs on Google Images, the artistic endeavor looks very much like the steeple on a contemporary Mormon temple, replete with a golden block on the very tip.

Modern Mormon Temple

The sculpture was designed by Australian artist Andrew Rogers, who has constructed monumental art structures all around the world including Antarctic, Isreal, Sri Lanka and India.  His Green River effort is his largest to date.  According to Keith Brady, Green River councilman, the structure is made up of “53 blocks of enormous size each weighing approximately six tons;  two of which are black and a gold leafed block to cap the top.”

The benefactor was Herbert Steiner, a retired math teacher who owns 84 acres in Green River.  Steiner, who lives in Seattle, has intimated that other sculptures may be constructed on the “Golden Ratio” site.

Monumental art is not new to Utah.  We have the “Tree” on the Salt Flats, we have the “Sun Tunnels” in the desert north of Wendover, and the “Spiral Jetty” on the north shore of the Great Salt Lake.  I wonder if the “Golden Ratio” measures up to the company it joins?

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5 Responses to Utah’s Tribute to the “Golden Ratio”

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  2. rogerdhansen says:

    From an article by Tom Wharton in the SLTrib (20 Oct 2013):

    “The artist [Andrew Rogers] did some investigating and ended up completing a 44-foot-high sculpture call “The Ratio,” based on the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical concept of universal significance similar to the Gold Ratio of science and mathematics. It was capped with 23-carat gold, to reflect the sun’s rays for miles in each direction. It contains two black stones representing the dangers of genetic engineering.

    That sculpture, financed by the property owner, a blind Seattle schoolteacher and railroad buff named Herbert Steiner, is obvious to those driving along Interstate 70 who see the unusual sculpture just north of the freeway.”

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