Sandra Postel on Freshwater Management

The following is a quote from an essay by Sandra Postel, an NG Freshwater Fellow, from the book Written in Water (edited by Irene Salina):

Is there honest hope for a water-secure world, one in harmony with earth’s life-giving water cycle?  It’s a world in which we’d see more rivers flowing like rivers again.  It’s one in which ecological engineers would help communities rely on forests, floodplains and other natural infrastructure to purify water, help control floods, and recharge groundwater, all while preserving habitats for fish and wildlife, and for people to enjoy.  Overall, it’s one in which water management is much more about innovation, ingenuity and ecological intelligence.

It’s a world most of us would want to live in.  The leap we need to make to get there must be bold.  It requires that we shake up the old rules, crafted when water seemed inexhaustible, and replace them with new ones more aligned with the world of today.

Through the cycling of water, across space and time, we are linked to all of life.  But as water disappears from rivers, lakes and the aquifers beneath our feet, I believe we will awaken to our kinship with water, which springs from knowing that water’s gift is life.

Overall, Postel’s philosophy of water management seems very akin to many of the concepts in Buddhism and Process Philosophy (and Theology).

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