Is It Okay to Caffeinate?

Columnist Maureen Dowd writing in the NYTs (30 Mar 2011) made the following ascertion:  “Mormon can’t have caffeine.”

This prompted a rejoiner from Peggy Fletcher Stack in the SLTrib (8 Apr 2011):

Check your sources, Maureen.  Mormons don’t drink coffee (or tea), but caffeine is fine.

That might explain the sight of Coke-guzzling Mormons up and down the state and the sale of Mountain Dew at LDS-owned restaurants.

As former Utah Gov. Olene Walker, a Mormon, once told comedian Bill Cosby:  “Caffeine is fine as long as it’s cold.”

As of 2:31 pm on 8 Apr, there were 766 comments to this blog piece on the SLTrib website, many with tongue-in-cheek comments.  This is obviously an issue that is important to my eternal salvation.

As a matter of public disclosure, I’m currently guzzling a Coke.

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