Earthbag Homes: A Sustainable Building Strategy?

According to an article by Amanda Wheat for (accessed 6 Apr 2011):

. . . (A) new form of building, known as earthbag construction, is proving to be durable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. . .

The science behind this method of construction is quite simple.  Plastic bags of varying sizes, depending on the structure being built, are filled with sand, earth, or a simple earth-concrete mixture.  They are stacked to form the foundation and walls of the building, and held in place by barbed wire, rebar, and mortar.

Wheat goes on the list the advantages of earthbag construction:

  • All materials can be purchased for less than it would cost to build the same structure of brick or adobe earth.
  • Learning the craft of earthbag building is simple.
  • Because earthbag homes have less thermal mass, they overheat less in hot climates and balance humidity levels more efficiently.
  • Earthbags are earthquake proof.

The Alison Kennedy Home was the First Permitted Earthbag House in Utah

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One Response to Earthbag Homes: A Sustainable Building Strategy?

  1. Daz says:

    And what are the cons?

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