Widtsoe on Biblical Translations

Latter-day Saints have not always been exclusively devoted to the King James Version as they are today.  Apostle John A. Widtsoe commented:

It should be remarked that the translation of the Bible into several modern languages has helped us to understand the meaning of many passages otherwise obscure.  To convert the ideas recorded in Hebrew or Greek into another language is not an easy task.  The translator at best is only an interpreter of the text.  It is well therefore to compare, say a standard translation in German or French with one in English.  The peculiar genius of one language often permits a clearer of expression of the original meaning.

In recent years many new translations of the Bible in English have been made, chiefly to render the text in modern colloquial language, though others have sought primarily to make the rendering correspond more exactly with the text.  These modern translators have had at their command for comparison many more manuscripts than were possessed by the translators in 1611.  Each such translation has contributed something towards our fuller understanding of the Bible.

Source:  John A. Widtsoe, Evidences and Reconciliations, arranged by G. Homer Durham (SLC:  Bookcraft, 1960), 119.

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