Container Home

From a magazine I picked up in The Netherlands:

Design for a Container Home

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10 Responses to Container Home

  1. KC says:

    My company is interested in getting more involved in this type of ventures

  2. andrea says:

    we own a trucking company, we have some extra trailers, would these plans work for a trailer? my adult kids need housing in this horrible economy. any links you can suggest?

    • Petrie Phillip C says:

      I don’t see why not. You could remove the wheels, put a stable foundation under it and have a crawl space for storage or kids to play. Biggest problem I see is building permits and zoning rules and the not in my neighborhood crowd. Rural areas would be best. Some areas classify a home with wheels attached as personal at not real property for a tax savings. If you can still haul the trailers for placement it would reduce costs and allow to place them in more remote areas. Another plus

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  4. kt says:

    Have a look at what is being done in Christchurch new Zealand after the big earthquakes there

  5. Rob says:

    Times are tough all over but for the working poor they are tougher.

    We live in Northern AZ and both work 3 jobs just to stay afloat.

    Its the 80/20 problem of 2015.

    Our leaders seem to be perfectly comfortable with me being homeless and sleeping in a ditch but cant possibly imagine the inhumanity of living in a warm, dry, off grid, $2,000 dollar SC placed on a $2,000 piece of Arizona.

    Debt free, earth bermed, passive solar, water harvesting, solar electric, ethanol distilling, organic gardening, gray water recycling, methane digesting, composting toilet, humanure producing earthships of the 21st century and the man is getting in the way of me getting my sustainability on.

    But I digress!


    Trimmed V2

  6. Yvonne Swart says:

    Good day.
    Hope you can help me. I’m very interested in this container homes I want a complate container to live in
    Have you got agents or factories here please let me know
    Thank you very much for your speedy attention

    • Wiaan Malherbe says:

      Hi Yvonne
      Ek weet nie of iemand jou al gekontak het ivm met container huise nie. Ek is in konstruksie en gaan hierdie jaar my eerste container huis bou. As jy meer informasie wil hĂȘ kan jy my kontak by 0726979101

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