Christ and Doubt

Adam C. Olson, wrote an op-ed piece for the Jan 2011 Ensign concerning Christ’s statement: “My God, my God, why hast though forsaken me?”

He asks the question:  Did this cry rise from uncertainty–even doubt?  Olson unsurprising concludes that Christ’s cry is not an indication of doubt.  And this conclusion reenforces his own Christian faith.

I’m not sure that some doubt on the part of the human Christ is necessarily a bad thing.  When Christ became a man, this must have been an difficult merger of diety and humanity.  His physical body most have had urges and requirements that gave him new sensations.  He clearly had physical needs and emotions.  Why couldn’t his emotional outbursts occasionally include moments of doubt (representing the human side of the merger)?

I think that doubt is unfairly treated in the LDS Church.  It is unfairly viewed as a sign of weakness.  Instead it can be viewed as an important step in an individual’s search for the truth.

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One Response to Christ and Doubt

  1. Carl Youngblood says:

    I agree. I feel this denial of doubt in Christ severely cheapens his life and sacrifice, and also reinforces human alienation from Christ, which I believe is contrary to his mission of reconciling us with “my god, and your god.” He became man to show us how to become him, not to show us how to grovel and worship an unattainable ideal.

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