Swing Sets Across Uganda

Jeremiah Stettler, a reporter for the SLTrib, wrote the following about our most recent trip to Uganda (19 Dec 2010):

The swing set is hardly big enough for the school.  But it’s a promising step for an institution that fittingly is called the Hope Children’s Center.  Until recently the schoolyard had no equipment for its 120-some students.

The driving force behind the school’s swings is Bill Grenney, a retired civil and environmental engineering professor at USU who formed a nonprofit known as the SEEE Institute in 2009 to help schools and orphanages in Uganda.

And Stettler continues:

Swings have become the playful trademark of Grenney and his SEEE Institute.  They have risen in remote villages along scenic Lake Victoria and outside an impoverished school near southern Uganda’s Masaka.

“In most cases, these are the only swing sets these kids have ever seen,”  Grenney says.  “So it makes a great impact.”

Working on the Swing Set for the God's Grace Community (South of Maska)

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