Southern Uganda . . . Fun with the Pentacostals

Over the last couple of days with have been working with small Pentacostal Church in 1-hour south of Masaka (on very bad roads).  Their leader–Pastor Moses–met us in Kampala and road with us down to Masaka (100 miles to the southwest).  His area and his church is very poor.

On our first visit, we install a solar lighting system in the pastor’s humble home.  The small 12-VDC system provides enough power for two small lights. 

Solar Panels on Roof of Pastor's Home

We also installed a swing set and a teeter-totter.  The locals did much of the work, and we provided the materials  Unfortunately, when we left, the kids couldn’t use the playground equipment because the concrete footings had to set.  Before we left, the pastor pointed out some of the structural problems with his minimalist church (and classroom on week days).

Installing the Teeter-Totter at God's Grace

Watching the Playground Construction Activities

Today, we returned to finish the job.  We attached the seats to the swing set and pulled the braces from the teeter-totter.  While we did this work, at least 100 kids and adults watched or helped.  We all had a great time.  Additionally, we worked to make temporary improvements to the structure of the church.

Using the Teeter-Totter

Adding Metal Supports to God's Grace Church (and Classrooms)

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2 Responses to Southern Uganda . . . Fun with the Pentacostals

  1. roger hansen says:

    At the end of the first day at God’s Grace, we formed a circle with the pastor and his wife (Ruth) and held hands. First Pastor Moses offered and short prayer, and then one of our party–Kent Keele–gave a short prayer. Kent was very emotional and his prayer was very touching. It was a perfect ending to the days activity.

    Also on the first day, as we arrived, it was raining quite hard. So spent some time with the school kids in their primitive classrooms. There were two classrooms full of kids, and we took turns practicing English with and entertaining the kids. But I ran out of material. Next time I will be better prepared. Since some of us were wearing cargo shorts, some of the kids checked out the hair on our legs.

  2. roger hansen says:

    The second visit was even more emotional than the first. After we completed the swing set and unblocked the teeter-totter, the kids used them continuously. Even some of the adults tried the swing set. Our playground looked fairly professional. As we were leaving Moses and Ruth thanked us. Our trip to God’s Grace had been a very rewarding one for our party from SeeeMe. I hope in some small way we can continue to help the Moses and Ruth with their small church and school.

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