Ugandan Swing Set with the Best View

We spent last night in Katosi (3 Dec 2010), a small fishing village not far from Kampala.  The village is located on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Today, a group from SeeeMe Institute (Logan, UT) traveled to a local women’s center to install a swing set at a primitive grade school.  The school is purched on a hill overlooking Lake Victoria.  Our swing set was sited at the edge of the hill so the kids on the swing will be enjoy a beautiful view of a small part of the lake and the lush surrounding area.

Constructing a Swing Set near the Shores of Lake Victoria

We used to have our swing sets constructed in town and then hauled out to the site.  But with very isolated communities, this was always a very difficult proposition.  So we now take out the parts (locally made in large part) and assemble on site.  At Katosi, this was accomplished with the assistance of several locals.  Our swing set looks pretty impressive if I do say so myself.  The women’s center provided us with 3 meals.

Mixing the Concrete for the Swing Set Footings

I hope with this build-on-site process, we (SeeeMe Institute staff) will no longer be needed.  The locals can construct the playground set themselves.

Attaching the Swing Seats to the Frame

Two days before today, we constructed a similar swing at a Muslim community on Lake Victoria (located southeast of Iganga).  The school kids, teachers, and villagers all helped with the construction.  It was a fun day.  We enjoyed playing with the school kids.  I think the reporter from the SLTrib got some great photographs and interviews with the locals.  After we finished with the construction, we had 2 short dedicatory prayers, one Christian and one Muslim.  For me, the prayers were pretty cool, even though I didn’t understand them.  I went over and shock the Imam’s hand.

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