“The Town,” A Movie Review

The movie “The Town” is a disaster.  How it got a 92 percent approval rating on rottentomatoes.com is beyond me.  This flic has so many things wrong with it, I almost don’t know where to start with this review.

“The Town” has the same tired plot as “Avatar.”  Boy meets girl under false pretenses, girl falls for boy, girl finds out about the deception and dumps boy.  Boy wins back girl (almost).  Can’t there be a new twist?

The show in several superficial aspects is like “The American.”  Both deal with alienation, violence, and world weariness.  But “The American” does it without all the car chases.  And does it far better.

Speaking of car chases, “The Town” crashes half the police cars in Boston.  And there is so much lead flying around that I caught myself ducking a few times.  This is a testostrone fest, with no good guys.  The actors playing Boston policeman channel the Keystone Kops.  The FBI agents are less lovable than the bad guys (bank robbers).  It seems like half the verbage in the script is either the f*bomb and mf*bomb.

Ben Afleck (also the director) has a three-day beard throughout the entire movie (which I assume represents a several months period).  Does he have a razor that leaves him with stubble?

Toward the end of the movie, Ben shoots the balls off the baddest of the bad guys.  (Ben is also a bad guy, but not as bad as the dead eunich.)  And I think the audience is supposed to cheer at this wonderful turn of events.  Rah, Rah.

While Ben tries to give his character some redeeming qualities, I can’t believe for second that the bank manager falls for his pathetic act, either before or after the deception is revealed.

If you are thinking that I didn’t like this movie . . . you are right.  After leaving the movie house, I needed a mental enema.  This will definitely make my ten worst list.

Recommendation:  Skip it, don’t rent it, avoid it at all costs.  Pretend it was never made.

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One Response to “The Town,” A Movie Review

  1. CMrok93 says:

    In lesser hands, the central relationship might not have worked; but Affleck and Hall make it completely believable, adding to the texture of this classy thriller.

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