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I recently made a presentation at the SLC Sunstone Symposium (2010)titled:  “Toward a Mormon Theological Justification for Environmental Activism.”  One of the recommendations made by the respondent, Dan Wotherspoon, and others was that I should make suggestions for action.  So here goes:

  • If you are a full tithe payer, consider dividing some of your 10 percent between:  fast offerings, the perpetual education fund, and LDS Humanitarian Services.
  • If you are not a full tithe payer, consider giving some of your 10 percent to reputable charities like:  Oxfam, Doctors without Borders, Partners in Health, Heifer, Green Peace, etc.
  • Volunteer with reputable local “green” organizations or charities.  Robert Kirby suggested volunteering at least 2 hours for every hour that you spend in church.
  • Organize “green” and charitable projects in your local church or place of employment.
  • Volunteer for a humanitarian mission.
  • If your church constructs a new building, encourage leaders to make it “green.”
  • When informative articles appear in church publications, write a letter or email thanking the editor.
  • If you travel abroad in developing countries, travel with eco-friendly groups or tours.
  • Encourage low-cost “green” funerals.

To list just a few.

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