AirStream BaseCamp . . . A Review

In the past, I’ve never been a travel trailer person.  But I’ve recently wondered about having a mobile communication and entertainment center (I love movies), toy hauler, primitive kitchen, and inside bed.  I’ve finally found what I think I need . . . an AirStream BaseCamp.

I ended up purchasing one in September 2008 from a dealer in Minneapolis.  He agreed to transport it to Des Moines to shorten my pickup from Provo, UT.  My son and I, in a day and a half, drove from Utah to Iowa to pick the damn thing up.

The trailer is pretty funky.  It is shaped like a horse trailer and has dark tinted windows which wrap around the front (the kitchen).  Entry is through the back like a toy hauler, and it has clever drop-down steps.  It has a nice collection of cool features (like a skylight and stereo), but no bathroom.  The latter is okay with me (I’m claustrophobic), but not a big hit with women.

On my and I’s return trip to Utah, we detoured through Badlands NP, Minuteman silo sites, Mt. Rushmore, and Devil’s Tower.  Somewhat ironically, the BaseCamp was almost as big an attraction as the parks and monuments.  Even at gas stations, restaurants, and rest stops, the trailer garnered a lot of stares and interest.  At Badlands, a car followed us into a parking lot and quizzed me about the trailer’s features (He wanted to haul a motorcycle.).  At Devil’s Tower, a German couple took photographs of it.  Several groups peeked through the windows, once while my son was changing clothes.  Over a 3-day period, over 30 groups either asked questions (What the hell is it?), or perused the exterior (Wow!), or wanted tours of the inside (Very Cool!).  All the attention was a little overwelming. 

Back at work in Provo, the BaseCamp generated the same type of enthusiasm.  I would over 30 colleagues examined the exterior and toured the interior.  With gas prices on the rise, these smaller trailers might catch on.

I wrote an e-mail to Airstream indicating the high level of interest in their product.  I also pointed out that I have given the BaseCamp a lot of publicity and that they owe me.  They have yet to respond.  So if you decide to buy one, please mention my name (but I’m not sure they make them any more,).  Maybe I can yet squeeze something out of them.

I plan to use by trailer for a variety of activities including camping with my grandkids, playing desert rat with my friends, and for work related activities (I do a lot of work in remote areas on Native American reservations.).  So far, I love the damn thing; but I plan to make a couple of additions.  I would like to make it so I can sleep the long way (instead of using the double bed) and would like to add a desk so I can use it for a small office.  The latter is an example of the BaseCamp’s flexibility).

Recently, in Mar 2011, I parked my AirStream BaseCamp in southern Utah a took the following photograph.

AirStream BaseCamp Parked in Southern Utah

For images of the interior and exterior of the AirStream BaseCamp see:

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