“I’m Walking” Along the Lower Provo River

In the winter, the lower Provo River is a great place to get a little exercise, and walking is purported to be great exercise.

Bald eagle surveying the lower Provo River from his lofty perch (Winter 04/05)

From Utah Lake to Geneva Road is 2.5 miles. The biking/skating/walking path is paved, but it is not heavily used.

Beside the scenery, which includes beautiful pastoral vistas with Mt. Timpanogos in the background, there are a wide variety of birds. Last winter (04/05), in the evening, there was a large colony of bald eagles (as many as 17) in 2 trees near the mouth of the river.

Small colony of bald eagles above the lower Provo River (Winter 04/05)

This year the most I have seen are 4 together. Other birds which can be observed include: ring-necked pheasants, gambel’s quail, northern flicker, great horned owl, osprey, belted kingfisher, a wide variety of ducks, and a wide variety of song birds.

Also using the lower Provo River are fishermen and researchers. The latter studying the June Sucker, an endangered species that spawns in the lower river. Unfortunately, the area also attracts the occasional dumper, both garbage and pets. Local government employees are good about removing the garbage and I suspect the raptors harvest the unwanted pets. Some horse and dog owners are also a problem. The trail can accumulate some unwanted animal shit.

Sun setting over a small picnic-table pavillion along the lower Provo River

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