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Proposal for International Zones

by Jason C. Stone, commenting on I hope there will someday be an “International Social Contract” (ISC), based on Enlightenment principles, that allows people who enter into it to live in host countries around the world in a way … Continue reading

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“Rural Studio” and the $20,000 Home

A recent Time magazine article (30 Sep 2013), discusses Rural Studio, an arm of Auburn University’s architecture department.  The reason the article caught my eye is because the Auburn program was the model behind a Utah program called DesignBuildBluff or DBB. DBB … Continue reading

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Have Swings, Will Travel

To date, my friends and I have constructed over 30 swing sets in 4 countries around the world:  Uganda, northern Ethiopia, central Cambodia, and the northern Navajo Nation.  This is a fun activity for me because I enjoy traveling.  If … Continue reading

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Images of Navajos at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Now showing at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (until 11 Aug) on the University of Utah campus is an exhibit titled:  Bierstadt to Warhol:  American Indians in the West.  It is highly recommended, particularly if you love the redrock country of … Continue reading

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Can Gardening Save Christianity?

Increasingly, American Christians are moving away from organized religion.  And can you blame them?  Who wants to sit through a frequently dull church service when there are so many more “relevant” or “pleasurable” things to do?  Does God really want to … Continue reading

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Shonto Begay, Navajo Post-Impressionist

Recently, I had the pleasure of viewing an exhibit at the Utah Museum of Fine Art titled:  “Bierstadt to Warhol:  American Indians in the West.”  (It is highly recommended.)  Two of the more amazing works in show are by a Navajo artist … Continue reading

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A Conversation with Louise Erdrich about Native American Issues

Louise Erdrich is a half-Chippewa novelist who recent won a National Book Award for her crime novel titled:  The Round House.  The following interview is excerpted from Time (14 Jan 2013, p. 60): How much of the novel is rooted … Continue reading

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Volunteering in Navajo Country

During the month of October 2012 several groups did volunteer work on the northern edge of the Navajo Nation.  These groups included:  Brigham Young University GEO Club, Engineers Without Border (University of Utah Student Chapter), Engineers Without Borders (Great Salt … Continue reading

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Some Random Thoughts About Bill Murray

I was recently in the Navajo Nation working to remove some old delapidated mobile homes.  As we were loading debry onto a trailer, I looked down and discovered an autographed black-and-white glossy photograph of Bill Murray. I questioned the Navajo we were helping, and … Continue reading

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Water Treatment: Forward Osmosis

Osmosis is the transport of water across a selectively permeable membrane from a region of higher water chemical potential to a region of lower water chemical potential.  And Forward Osmosis (FO), according to Wikipedia is:    . . . an … Continue reading

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