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Adding Lights to Swing Sets: A Beta Test

Several of the areas where we work are near the equator:  Uganda, Ethiopia, Cambodia, and Ecuador.  That means that their 24-hour days are evenly split year-around between daytime and nighttime.  Since it starts to get dark around 6 pm, we’ve … Continue reading

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Swing Sets: Some New Approaches and Ideas

Most of our efforts to construct swing sets and other playground equipment in isolated locations around the world have revolved around fabricating and installing new equipment.  But I think it’s time to start looking at additional approaches including:  fabricating with … Continue reading

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Student Designs for Outdoor Playground Equipment

As a class assignment, an industrial design prof at Brigham Young University (BYU) had his students design equipment for use in areas under served by outdoor playgrounds.  Below are a few of the designs, as well as some of my … Continue reading

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Recommended Motels/Inns/Lodges in Southeastern Utah

Southeastern Utah (Four Corners Area) is a beautiful place to visit.  There are some fun motels and bed-and-breakfasts (B&B) in the area.  Here are six that I would recommend (and have stayed in): Grist Mill Inn:  This B&B in Monticello … Continue reading

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Lower Antelope Canyon

Updated:  28 Apr 2014 The Saturday before Easter (2014), my extended family and I visited Lower Antelope, a slot canyon with phantasmagoric sandstone cork-screws, located just outside of Page AZ.  Through the years, I’ve been in a variety of sandstone … Continue reading

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Volcanic Plugs and Dikes in the Northern Navajo Nation

The geological formations that get the most press in southern Utah are the sandstone spires, buttes, and columns of Monument Valley (and to a lesser extent Valley of the Gods).  But equally impressive are the volcanic plugs (necks) and dikes … Continue reading

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Proposal for International Zones

by Jason C. Stone, commenting on I hope there will someday be an “International Social Contract” (ISC), based on Enlightenment principles, that allows people who enter into it to live in host countries around the world in a way … Continue reading

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“Rural Studio” and the $20,000 Home

A recent Time magazine article (30 Sep 2013), discusses Rural Studio, an arm of Auburn University’s architecture department.  The reason the article caught my eye is because the Auburn program was the model behind a Utah program called DesignBuildBluff or DBB. DBB … Continue reading

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Have Swings, Will Travel

To date, my friends and I have constructed over 30 swing sets in 4 countries around the world:  Uganda, northern Ethiopia, central Cambodia, and the northern Navajo Nation.  This is a fun activity for me because I enjoy traveling.  If … Continue reading

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Images of Navajos at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Now showing at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (until 11 Aug) on the University of Utah campus is an exhibit titled:  Bierstadt to Warhol:  American Indians in the West.  It is highly recommended, particularly if you love the redrock country of … Continue reading

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