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More Playground Equipment for the Northern Navajo Nation

This Fall (2014), swing sets and other playground equipment were installed in the northern and eastern Navajo Nation.  The first installation was accomplished by volunteers from the BYU Global Engineering Outreach Club.  They added a 2-seat swing set and a … Continue reading

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Promoting Science and Technology in the Navajo Nation

Michael Flynn, a scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Laboratory in Moffett Field CA, was recently in Utah to discuss an ongoing research project with the Bureau of Reclamation’s staff.  While here, he took the opportunity to discuss water conservation and … Continue reading

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An Expanding Playground in Navajoland

Several years ago, employees from the Bureau of Reclamation, using surplus supplies, constructed a small two-seat swing set for the residents of Westwater, a small Navajo community located adjacent to Blanding UT.  Soon after that, the GEO Club (student volunteers … Continue reading

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I Found a Better Swing Seat

Trying to find a good swing seat, that can be locally made, for the swing sets my colleagues and I install in developing countries has not been easy.  First, we tried bringing plastic seats from the USA with us.  Not … Continue reading

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Adding Lights to Swing Sets: A Beta Test

Several of the areas where we work are near the equator:  Uganda, Ethiopia, Cambodia, and Ecuador.  That means that their 24-hour days are evenly split year-around between daytime and nighttime.  Since it starts to get dark around 6 pm, we’ve … Continue reading

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Swing Sets: Some New Approaches and Ideas

Most of our efforts to construct swing sets and other playground equipment in isolated locations around the world have revolved around fabricating and installing new equipment.  But I think it’s time to start looking at additional approaches including:  fabricating with … Continue reading

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Sculptural Spider for Your Playground or Rock Garden

Updated:  8 Aug 2014 To add mirth to playgrounds and outdoor decor (particularly xeriscaped areas and rock gardens), you may want to consider a large metallic spider.  The one below was designed and welded by a friend, Dick Marvin, for … Continue reading

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